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Vertical mobility with style

As a rule, you only spend a few seconds in a lift, so the design must win you over straight away. As, in spite of the short stay, it is a kind of space where you should feel comfortable. And this is precisely what Schindler Elevator Ltd. specialises in. It produces stylish, modern and innovative lifts. This top-quality design has recently been ideally extended with products from Pfleiderer.
Text: Jule Milbrett Photos: © Schindler

Schindler is a Swiss corporation and is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of lifts and escalators. The Schindler 3300 is an especially flexible passenger lift that can be adjusted down to the last millimetre to fit into each building and its lift shaft. It unifies design and function and combines style, colour and further options. Carefully selected materials such as the Pfleiderer DecoBoard Pyroex and Pfleiderer Duropal HPL Pyroex define the appearance and sense of motion. The objective is a totally comfortable and satisfying carriage. Global Component Product Manager Kurt Steiner from Schindler knows precisely what matters. “The basic requirement is always a high carriage capacity per time unit. Beyond that, a sense of space, design and smooth operation play an important role for the users to feel comfortable during the ride. Technically efficient functionality is also crucial here.”


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Weight-saving and pollution-free manufactured with all the advantages of a low energy consumption
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1.0 M/S, 1.6 M/S
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320 TO 1,125 KG

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2 Styles: friendly, rounded appearance or modern, linear look
5 ceiling variations with modern LED lights
41 colours: from fresh and vivid to warm inviting tones
The Schindler 3300 can carry up to 1,125 kilos over 20 stops to a maximum height of 75 metres. The materials in the lift are exposed to heavy strain depending on where they are used. “We always take care that the products used are resistant to scratches, pressure and moisture”, says Mr Steiner. It is also crucial that the materials conform with special fire protection guidelines for them to be approved for deployment in lifts. “The Pfleiderer DecoBoard Pyroex is a highly flame-resistant wooden chipboard, which is why it is ideally suited for use in lifts. And it can also be decoratively laminated on both sides. Pfleiderer Duropal HPL Pyroex also has a flame-retarding quality”, explains Jan Sippel, Area Manager for HPL and Elements at Pfleiderer. And Mr Sippel goes on to explain how there is another reason why HPL is so popular in the lift industry. “Space and weight play a big role in lift cabins, so we really like to deploy the light, thin HPL panels here. In this way stone, wood and concrete – which would of course be unsuitable here as raw materials – can be imitated in the cabins.” And the technology in the Schindler 3300 also takes up unusually little space. The control cabinet fits within the shaft door frame and the drive is housed directly in the shaft head so that no separate engine compartment is required. “We always try to minimise the space for the technical components to make more room for the passengers”, says Mr Steiner.

Schindler is well-known for lifts with maximum flexibility. Doors, cabins, weight allowance and floor thickness can be adjusted as required. In the same way the design of the lift cabins can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of customers and users. Two different styles, five decor variations and many different colour shades are available to achieve this. And if that is not enough for some people, they can take advantage of our “Liberta” system to design a completely individual cabin. “At the start of our cooperation Pfleiderer supplies various contemporary plain-coloured decors with a largely individual focus. Over the years additional plain colours and wood productions will be added to this”, says Mr Sippel. Especially light colours that make the space appear larger are popular in the industry. Bur also strong colours such as red, dark blue and violet are often used. “It is fascinating to note how styles, designs and tastes differentiate themselves throughout the world in relation to the appearance of a lift”, says Mr Steiner. “What is popular in Europe is not necessarily so well received in China, India, Brazil or the USA.”

“The lift industry is a very interesting and rapidly growing market for us, after all, our society wants more and more convenience and is ageing in the wake of demographic change”, explains Mr Sippel. The Schindler Group has more than 1,000 branches in around 100 countries as well as production facilities and research and development establishments in the USA, Brazil, Europe, China and India. “Our lifts are internationally well-known, which is why we are always looking for reliable partners like Pfleiderer, whose products are available all over the world”, says Mr Steiner. “We were won over by the quality and variety of products with Pfleiderer. But it is also interesting for us to have the expert advice from this wood-based product specialist, based on its extensive studies into markets and designs. In future we will certainly be fine-tuning and developing various additional product lines together with Pfleiderer. Even special models and customized digital printing is conceivable.“