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Trends of tomorrow

Tomorrow’s trends today – that’s what customers discover at the Pfleiderer Inspiration Days. At the end of 2017, the company used the event to present the decors and textures that will shape the future of the industry.
Text: Jule Milbrett Photos: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH

The “Lenkwerk” vintage car centre in the German town of Bielefeld and the new showroom at Pfleiderer’s Wieruszow site in Poland are the perfect locations to gather inspiration. At the end of last year, the wood-based panel manufacturer opened the doors at both sites to welcome a multitude of customers and tell them about the exciting new products and future trends in the industry.

Demand was high, and no wonder – after all, almost no other event offers the same opportunity for such in-depth discussion. “The motto “Inspirations close to you” shines through every aspect of this event. We dedicate two hours of time to each guest, diving into the details of their particular needs. And we also benefit from the unique situation, as the immediate feedback we receive enables us to respond more quickly to our customers’ wishes,” explains Sebastian Heese, Head of Sales, Industry West, and Marek Prusiewicz, Head of Sales, Industry East at Pfleiderer.

New designs at Pfleiderer are the domain of the Decor Management team led by Christiane Gebert, Head of Design and Development. Taking their lead from extensive trend research, they develop the decors and textures of the future. The innovative trends were presented under four inspiring themes. “We’ve really managed to capture the Zeitgeist with these designs,” says Christiane Gebert. “The Green theme, which included the Marble, black-green and Loden Green decors, resonated particularly well with the guests. A number of different ash decors were also well received, and visitors were impressed with the innovative powder white shade as well. On top of this, we were also able to wow our guests with two innovative glass decors – there’s never been a glass decor made of wood-based materials before.”

And when it comes to textures, Sebastian Heese and Marek Prusiewicz also agree: “We were able to surprise our guests with new products. On top of the textures we had already developed over the course of the year and exhibited at Interzum, we presented four new textures at the Inspiration Days: Corrosio, Sand pearl, Classic wood and Roxano are all including in our colour match range. These received a lot of positive feedback, showing we had made absolutely the right choice.” Textures are immensely important in today’s market, as Christiane Gebert explains: “The atmosphere and value of a room and an interior stand and fall based on the authenticity of the materials used in them. This is why, in addition to making a great haptic and visual impression, we put so much effort into ensuring that our wood, stone, metal and textile decors are authentic and of high quality.”

The wide range of innovative designs and new products at the latest Inspiration Days presented a unique challenge, as the German event had been moved forward three months in order to line it up perfectly with the industry’s development cycles. “That was an important decision – but it still cut the time we had for development. All the same, we took a professional approach, working together to rise to the occasion – and we were ready to deliver from the start of January, right on schedule,” Gebert reports. At the same time, the company’s Polish site celebrated its Inspiration Days premiere. “This is the most important event of the year for me. Outside of these few days, the opportunities for us to receive so much constructive and personal feedback are rare,” Gebert summarises. And the Sales and Marketing team were very much satisfied with the results – as were the customers. After all, the in-depth discussion is useful and valuable to customers and staff alike.