A showroom with added value

As a new branch of the Polish BOMAR wholesalers is being opened in Gdansk. The StudioLOKO interior designers have drawn up a concept that allows the showroom to harmonise with the office space, using various Pfleiderer products in their design. Not only will this ideally present the materials in a purely visual manner, but also in the way they are directly used on site.
Text: Jule Milbrett Photos: Magdalena Płoszaj

A showroom with added value Image 1
The Polish wholesaler BOMAR was founded in 1994 in Grajewo, close to the local Pfleiderer site. As wholesaler of MDF, HDF, laminate and building panels as well as plywood and furniture accessories, there were many points of contact with Pfleiderer and they have worked together in close cooperation from the very beginning. BOMAR has now been a member of the Pfleiderer partner network for many years and is one of the largest merchants of Pfleiderer‘s wood-based panels on the Polish market. The company currently has three additional branches in Elbląg, Reda and – since 2016 – also in Danzig, where the largest exhibition space to date has been built and the portfolio has been extended with furniture accessories such as handles and hinges.

This enables the wholesaler BOMAR to provide its customers with a complete range for interior design and for producing furniture. These are ideal circumstances for the interior designers of StudioLOKO, 

“This allows the true beauty of the exhibited products to be expressed far more effectively in terms of both their look and in terms of their feel.”

Weronika Depka Prondzinska, architect
who have taken this as a basis for drafting a concept that combines showroom and office space at the new branch in Danzig. “Our objective was to create an attractive and modern space where people can work in comfort and where various products can be exhibited and sold at the same time”, said Weronika Depka Prondzinska of StudioLOKO. The workplaces were realised with robust desks and comfortable chairs at the edges of the area. “This creates areas of calm, that support concentration as well as communication with each other,” she explained. In terms of colour, the focus was on grey and white tones combined with wood and black design features. This generates a modern atmosphere, but not a cold one. The rectilinear design is complemented with smooth shelving, chests of drawers and wall charts. “The showroom is the reason for this simplicity, as it takes up the central area of the space and should catch everyone’s eye with its numerous and often colourful decors and patterns. The lighting for this area has also been designed with this in mind. The work areas are ideally lit, without the showroom area visually stealing the show as a special feature in the centre of the space.
Pfleiderer products deployed:
Raw Concrete (S60018) graphite
Icy White (U11027) fine matt
Icy White (U11027) TopX
Sonoma Oak (R20006) Rustic Wood
 To present the diverse range in an equally attractive way, a simple and elegant background design in clear white was chosen with wood elements to go with the surrounding work areas. “To illustrate how the exhibited products can be used best, we have realised large parts of the design, such as the desks, the walls with a concrete look – and much more – using the Pfleiderer products on display, explained Weronika Depka Prondzinska. In this way, the advantages of the materials are portrayed in the combination of showroom and office space, both in a purely visual way and in their actual implementation at the BOMAR site in Danzig. “This manner of presentation is a great aid and source of inspiration for potential customers who want to decide which products to choose on site”, said Ms Prondzinska.