PFL Inspirations EN 01/17

Dear readers,

I am excited to join you on an exciting journey into the world of Pfleiderer. We will take a look behind the scenes, both here at Pfleiderer and at...More

Pfleiderer Wins the Triple

It is generally agreed that the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) is the most important design body in Germany. Each year, it bestows the...More

2017 – Year of the Trade Fair

For Pfleiderer, the BAU 2017 trade fair marks the beginning of a busy year of exhibitions. The company will be presenting the new collection at major ...More

Award for Gątkiewicz

Wojciech Gątkiewicz, Pfleiderer Group Board Member for Sales and Marketing, has been honoured with the special accolade of ‘Furniture Sector...More

German–Polish ‘Unconference’

An unconference is not a conference in the traditional sense. No agenda is defined and there are no speakers. There is no audience to attentively...More

PREMIUM Quality Label for LivingBoard

Environmentally friendly, top quality and easy to process. These are three essential decision-making criteria for clients who are choosing a...More

European Symposium

It was an anniversary worth celebrating – the tenth European Wood-Based Panel Symposium was a gathering of representatives from manufacturers of...More

On All Channels

‘Always on’ is the maxime of the digital era. In order to ensure that Pfleiderer is present at all times, in all places and on every channel, it...More

Investing in Growth

Michael Wolff, CEO of Pfleiderer Group S.A., has announced a growth trajectory for the company (see the interview in this magazine). In order to be...More

Scrooge McDuck, Donald, Mickey & Pfleiderer

For more than 30 years, Erika Fuchs translated the stories from Duckburg from English into German. Her translations influenced the linguistic style...More

The Renaissance of HPL in Kitchen Design

“Nowadays, individuality in kitchen design is practically limitless. In our range alone, there are more than 27 million possible combinations. What ...More

A Healthy and Sustainable Solution

Drees is the head of operations and construction at the carpentry company Zimmerer- Profibau GmbH, based in Preußisch Oldendorf, North...More

Tracking the trends down

Pfleiderer has undertaken an extensive analysis of the market, competition, clients and trends, which allows it to offer a design concept to suit the ...More

A Design to Savour

Interior architect Monika Potorska and her team had a special idea for the patisserie. The interior is reminiscent of an oversized box for Tomasz...More

WE OFFER real added value

Mr Wolff, a lot has happened at Pfleiderer since the last BAU trade fair in Munich. As 2017 begins, you are presenting a new organisation and a new...More

3 X 3 for Practical Social Responsibility

In April last year, the three trainees got to work, full of enthusiasm and dedication. In the months that followed, they developed a workable...More

Measuring and Sawing

The 18-year-old is now already in his third year of an apprenticeship to become an electronics technician for industrial engineering. The...More

the PossiBilities are Practically endless

1. What is the current and future relevance of wood-based materials? Wood-based panels are already very important in the construction of buildings,...More